Production of High Volume Fraction CNT films and tapes

Production and properties of High Volume Fraction CNT films and tapes

The production of high volume fraction CNT films and tapes, the so called buckypapers, has opened the way for use of CNTs in practical applications. We produce buckypapers by oxidizing carbon nanotubes using chemical, electrochemical and plasma treatment. Stable aqueous CNT suspensions prepared by sonication are vacuum filtered through polymer membrane filters. After drying the CNT films are peeled off from the filtration membrane.

From a morphological point of view, the buckypaper disks appear uniform, smooth and crack-free exhibiting significant structural integrity. As they are porous materials they exhibit different types of porosity: surface, inter-bundle and intra-bundle porosity. Their mechanical stability can be explained by the efficient packing of individually deposited tubes during the filtration process. These films can be ideal candidates as structural materials for fabrication of high CNT volume fraction nanocomposites.

Researchers involved:
• Otakar Frank
• Dimitris Kastanis
George Trakakis

Relevant Publications:

  1. "Oxidized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Film Fabrication and Characterization” by Kastanis D., Tasis D., Papagelis K., Parthenios J., Tsakiroglou C., Galiotis C., Advanced Composites Letters, 16/6 (2007), 243-248 Download the paper (pdf)